Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - April E-News

Biodiversity finds a home on our Ellen Campus.

When we began construction on our new Ellen Campus in 2019, a significant part of our plan included restoring native plant species to this former agricultural space. We planted roughly 250,000 individual plants from 110 different species—and as the plants returned, so did the insects, insectivores and other native species.

To learn more about how the landscape of our new home is already attracting new birds, insects and even mammals, read our full story—and see some of the new species that have made their homes at our new home.

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Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - March E-News

Women Lead the Way for Gorillas

This month is International Women’s Month and as a female-founded and female-led organization, we are committed to helping build the next generation of female conservationists in Africa and beyond. We’re excited to tell you about Carine Uwamahoro, Axelle Kamanzi and Marie Fiedele Tuyisenge, three Rwandan women who are advancing their scientific careers through their work at the Fossey Fund.

To read the full story and learn more about these three amazing women, click here.

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Gorilla Journal March 2022

For everyone who is also interested in these fascinating creatures and would like to help them, the current Gorilla Journal March 2022 is available here as a PDF.
If you would like more information, you can do so here: https://gorillafund.org/

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Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - February E-News

Camera Traps—a conservationist’s secret weapon.

The Congo Basin holds the second largest rainforest in the world and is home to numerous species of plants and animals, many of them threatened or endangered. Doing research and engaging in conservation in the area, particularly in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is difficult and dangerous, but understanding the challenges the region faces is of global importance as we race to solve problems such as climate change, deforestation and species extinction.

We know that there are many species in the forest in need of our protection, but how can conservationists determine which animals are there, and in what numbers, without interrupting their day-to-day activities through our presence? Many parts of the forest are difficult to access—and it’s important to keep them that way in order to ensure that their biodiversity remains intact.

That’s where camera traps come in.

Check out our full story on how camera traps help us study the critically endangered Grauer’s gorillas in the DRC. 

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Exciting News!

Vor vier Jahren bekam Ellen DeGeneres von ihrer Frau ein wunderbares Geburtstagsgeschenk. Ich kann mich gut erinnern, verfolgte ich doch zufällig ihre Show, in der ihr das Geschenk überreicht wurde.
Sie bekam eine Stiftung zum Bau eines modernen Campus für den Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, zum Schutz und zur Erforschung der Berggorillas in Rwanda. Ein Campus zur Forschung und Lehre, zur Informationsweitergabe für Einheimische und Touristen.
Ein Meilenstein in der Weiterführung Dian Fossey's Arbeit! Mit Hilfe einer grossen Gemeinschaft, der auch ich angehöre, und zum Glück auch Menschen wie Leonardo Di Caprio, wurde das Projekt nun fertig gestellt.

Für mich Grund genug, eine gute Flasche Schaumwein zu öffnen und den neuen Campus zu feiern! Vielen Dank an ALLE!




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