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Because of you… wild gorillas have a future!

This week we are celebrating you - our incredible donors - because the support you have shown this past year has allowed us to accomplish so much as we work to protect the wild mountain and Grauer’s gorillas of Rwanda and the DRC.

From everyone here at the Fossey Fund, please enjoy this special message from our team in Africa showing the impact you have made and sharing our deepest gratitude for all you allow us to accomplish!


A special thank you!

I am so proud to be a small part of the community that helps save the amazing mountain gorillas!
I thank all of the great people who work so hard every day to observe and protect these great species! It is a real pleasure to support you!

Thank you for your video! I am so happy about it!

Gorilla Update August 2020

World Gorilla Day

September 24th is World Gorilla Day, recognizing not just the majesty of gorillas, with whom we share more than 98% of our DNA, but also the threats to survival they face on our warming planet. World Gorilla Day began in 2017 to coincide with the 50th anniversary Dian Fossey’s work to conserve mountain gorillas. She established the Karisoke Research Center on September 24, 1967 and it is now the world’s longest running gorilla research site. World Gorilla Day enables us to celebrate our work in the forest 365 days a year, tracking gorillas, studying them and ensuring their protection.

On World Gorilla Day, we want people to know that, while mountain gorillas’ numbers are slowly increasing, their small population of just 1,000 individuals still face incredible threats. And unfortunately, their close cousins the Grauer’s gorillas, are predicted to be extinct in just a few decades if we don’t increase our protection efforts. That is why we cannot let up in our conservation efforts. But we cannot do it alone. We need the continued support of our friends from around the world to ensure that our CRITICAL work continues. In support of World Gorilla Day, we are asking you to GET INVOLVED!

To learn about the many ways you can help us continue our protection and conservation efforts visit our World Gorilla Day campaign page

When gorillas are healthy, the forests in which they live, which act as the lungs of our planet, are healthy as well.
Protecting gorillas protects us all.

World Gorilla Day Page

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Gorilla Journal Newsletter May 2020

We are pleased to share your digital copy of the current Dian Fossey Gorilla Journal newsletter.
We hope you will enjoy reading the latest updates on the gorillas, our team and the response to the recent pandemic, as well as the role gorilla moms and dads play as we celebrate both Mother's Day and upcoming Father's Day!

Gorilla Journal Newsletter May 2020




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