It’s not an easy task to safeguard gorillas in the DRC.

The Fossey Fund has been protecting mountain gorillas for more than half a century. And for the past 24 years, our scope has extended to Grauer’s gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This work is extremely difficult, as our trackers spend weeks at a time deep in the forest monitoring these elusive animals. But the great news is that our efforts are paying off – data show that gorillas are returning to sections of the forest that they had previously avoided, indicating that our direct protection and partnerships with the surrounding communities have minimized the threats in the area.

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Collaboration with the local community? ✅
Fighting deforestation? ✅
Protecting gorillas? ✅

This past Monday we celebrated Earth Day and, in honor of that special day, we want to highlight our extraordinary staff in the DRC. We are so proud of what they accomplish every single day – on behalf of the Grauer’s gorillas, the Congo Basin and the humans that share their forest home, we thank you. At the Fossey Fund, we believe effective conservation requires a holistic approach, and put simply: our trackers are getting the job done. Read more about how they are saving gorillas.

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