There’s not one, not two, but… five (!!!) silverbacks!

The drama: if you think five male gorillas sounds like a lot, you’d be correct. In this rare occurrence, while the dominant silverback has claimed his spot, the others are still vying for positions in the hierarchy of Kiwtonda group.

 linkicon  Learn more about this suspenseful silverback story!


Birds are TOTALLY fly (pun intended).

They are beautiful, graceful and so many have the extraordinary ability to soar in the air. How could you not LOVE birds? But here at the Fossey Fund, we appreciate birds for even more critical reasons: they are vitally important to understanding and protecting gorilla ecosystems and populations. We celebrated – and participated in – Global Big Day, an international day of counting birds on May 11, and it gave us a GREAT opportunity to collaborate on our biodiversity efforts with local students and community members. It’s a true citizen science project!

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These silverback brothers are a great example of a brotherly bond. 💚

Turakomeje and Icumbi are brothers AND the best of friends! These two spend their days protecting their group and, of course, hanging out together.

Brother’s Day is May 24, and we can’t think of a better way to honor the brothers in your life than supporting the protection of Turakomeje and Icumbi through symbolic adoption! Whether a brother through blood, like Turakomeje and Icumbi, or a brother you chose – give a gift that matters today!

   Adopt Turakomeje and Icumbi for Brother's Day!


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