Meet Mutobo: a silverback who has built his very own brood.

Once upon a time, Mutobo was known for being solitary (if he were human, we might use “eligible bachelor” to describe him). But that didn’t last too long, since this former lone silverback was able to successfully form his own group. To date, he leads 15 gorillas and has attracted no less than eight females from other gorilla families. Wow!

As you will quickly learn if you symbolically adopt Mutobo, he is a remarkable leader and father, spending many of his waking hours surrounded by his offspring (they LOVE to use him as their personal jungle gym)! All in all, 19-year-old Mutobo has accomplished quite a bit in his relatively young tenure. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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Meet Eric Ndayishimiye: a young Rwandan researcher taking the primatology world by storm!

Eric will soon be the second member of our Rwandan staff to earn his Ph.D., and we couldn’t be prouder. "Seeing African scientists like Eric take leading roles in wildlife research is inspiring and a major part of our mission … We are proud to be able to help provide the necessary resources and support to nurture their careers, from students to professional researchers and conservationists,” says Felix Ndagijimana, the Fossey Fund’s director in Rwanda.

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