Gorillas are well-known for their complex social dynamics, which can be seen in the enduring relationships that often form between males and females!

Since Valentine’s Day was only last week, we have been thinking a lot about relationships…GORILLA relationships! During our decades of observations, we’ve observed remarkable bonds between males and females. And yep: they are even sweeter than you probably imagined. 💚

Learn more about these special gorilla relationships

These Rwandan young women are up-and-coming rock stars of conservation.

Meet Joyce, Annick, Yvette, Assoumpta and Salima. These young scientists are starting their careers with the Fossey Fund as research assistants and professional interns, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them on our team. When you read their stories, we know you will be just as inspired as we are.

“Being one of the few women in my country who do the scientific work l do, I am determined to further my education in primate pathology and inspire other women to see that they can be scientists as well and contribute to conservation.”


Read about these Fessey Fund team members.

Do you TikTok? We’ll do you one better: we Tik AND we Tok.

It was *possibly* the cutest bipedal moment ever! In our recent TikTok video, watch infant Kwanda stand up to get a better view for a couple of seconds. Adorable! 🥺💚

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