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Vancouver Rowing Club

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Skyline taken at the Rowing Club, Vancouver

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Totem Poles

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Sightseeing on the speed boat

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Seal with its prey


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Vancouver Marina

Upload: July 10, 2020 - 19 photos

Not all photos can be viewed by the public without my permit!

Seaplane Tours Vancouver

A stroll along the Vancouver marina is a real interesting walk with countless impressions!
You can see a very different crowd, many seaplanes in action or all kind of boats and houseboats.
The time passes very quick on this beautiful scenery!

Ein Spaziergang entlang des Yachthafens von Vancouver ist eine wirklich interessante Runde mit unzähligen Eindrücken!
Man kann sehr unterschiedliche Menschen sehen, viele Wasserflugzeuge in Aktion und alle Arten von Booten und Hausbooten.
Die Zeit vergeht sehr schnell in dieser wunderschönen Kulisse!

The photos were made with my Nikon D7200.
The raw files were developed using Affinitiy Photo.

Tiny House in the Sea


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