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Vancouver, Canada #2

Upload: June 16, 2020 - 27 photos

Not all photos can be viewed by the public without my permit!

View of Vancouver

My stroll through Vancouver led me along nice buildings, many pubs and different street art.
And then I reached the Lookout tower. A must see in the city of Vancouver.
From 169 meters you can have a awesome view of Vancouver! The visit is worth the money charged for.

Mein Spaziergang durch Vancouver führte mich entlang schöner Gebäude, vieler Pubs und verschiedener Straßenkunst.
Und dann erreichte ich den Aussichtsturm. Ein Muss in der Stadt Vancouver.
Aus 169 Metern hat man einen atemberaubenden Blick auf Vancouver! Der Besuch ist das Geld wert.

The photos were made with my Nikon D7200.
The raw files were developed using Affinitiy Photo.

Nice Building in Vancouver


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Vancouver Lookout

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