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Wichita Mountains - Baldy Trail

Upload: February 20th - 2019 - 11 Photos

Not all photos can be viewed by the public without my permit!

Quanah Parker Lake

The Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma is a large area with a stunning landscape with breathtaking nature!
There are countless trails and a lot to see. I made two hikes. The Baldy Trail was the first. It was a short but beautiful hike. Unfortunately I missed the first branch.

The photos were made with my Sony DSC-HX60.
The files were developed with Affinitiy Photo.

Das Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma ist ein großes Gebiet mit einer beeindruckenden Landschaft und atemberaubender Natur!
Es gibt unzählige Wanderwege und viel zu sehen. Ich habe zwei Wanderungen gemacht. Der Baldy Trail war der erste. Es war eine kurze, aber schöne Wanderung. Leider habe ich die erste Abzweigung übersehen.

Blooming Cactuses


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