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Exploring the island of Kalydon

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Exploring the island of Kalydon

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Lake Murray, Oklahoma

Upload: January 5th - 2019 - 17 Photos

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Lake Murray, Oklahoma

The first stage of my US-Photo-Trip 2018 leaded me from Dallas more precisely from Roanoke to Ardmore, Oklahoma.
There I visited the Lake Murray area. There is a lot to see and there are many hiking possibilities. The weather was not so good but for me it was a beautiful day.

The photos were made with my Sony DSC-HX60.
The files were developed with Affinitiy Photo.

Die erste Etappe meines US-Photo-Trips 2018 führte mich von Dallas genauer aus Roanoke nach Ardmore, Oklahoma.
Dort besuchte ich die Gegend um Lake Murray. Es gibt viel zu sehen und es gibt viele Wandermöglichkeiten. Das Wetter war nicht so gut, aber für mich war es ein schöner Tag.

Fisherman at Lake Murray


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