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Autumn impressions at the Wilhelma

This photo series contains 47 photos.

Not all photos can be viewed by the public without my permit!

The special beauty of Cactus

After cleaning the sensor, I wanted to do some test photos in the Wilhelma in Stuttgart.
But then, among other things, I discovered some beautiful autumn motifs.
I would like to show you some of the photos here.
The Wilhelma was once again an excellent place to try things out. I highly recommend the location for photographers!

The photos were made with my Nikon D7200.
The raw files were developed with Affinitiy Photo.

Nach dem Reinigen des Sensors wollte ich einige Testfotos in der Wilhelma in Stuttgart machen.
Doch dann entdeckte ich unter anderem einige schöne Herbst-Motive.
Einige der Fotos möchte ich euch hier zeigen.
Die Wilhelma war mal wieder ein hervorragender Ort Dinge auszuprobieren. Ich kann die Location für Fotografen bestens empfehlen!

Bird House


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