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El Reno, Oklahoma

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Funky Junk Inside

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Pickup in front of a Mural

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Route 66 Mural

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Too busy for God - Really


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Beach walk near the town Orosei

Upload: July - 2018 - 30 Photos

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Lovely clouds at the sea

While my friends were lying on the beach, I took some pictures in this beautiful landscape. I'm not the sunbathing friend!
And swimming in open waters is not one of my favorite activities.

The photos were made with my Nikon D7200.
The raw files were developed with Affinitiy Photo.

Während meine Freunde am Strand lagen, machte ich einige Fotos in dieser schönen Landschaft. Ich bin nicht so der Freund des Sonnenbadens!
Und Schwimmen in offenen Gewässern gehört nicht zu meinen bevorzugten Tätigkeiten.

Beach Scenery


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